Selected Project List

DateProjectTasksCompany / Clients
2014Massie Slope InvestigationEvaluate historic landslide movements and mechanisms of artificial fill associated with 100-year old access road in the City of Santa BarbaraJames Massie
2014Campbell v. FarmersHydrologic study of leaking waterline Santa Paula, CaliforniaDaniel Campbell
2012-2013Sea Cliff Stability StudyGeologic mapping, downhole logging, and mapping via repelling of the bluffEarth Systems Southern California
2012Santa Catalina Residence Hall Fault Study, UC Santa BarbaraFault trench logging and analysis in collaborative effort with Tom BlakeFugro Consultants, Inc., Ventura, California
2011-2012Coleman Epstein Forensic Investigation Ojai, CaliforniaExpert Witness for Plaintiff Litigation Attorney: Ron Bamieh, Ventura, CaliforniaLarry D. Gurrola
2011-2012Slope Mapping and EvaluationGeologic mapping and landslide hazard evaluationJ. David Rogers and Larry D. Gurrola
2009-2011Petrosian Ranch Forensic Landslide InvestigationExpert Witness for Plaintiff LitigationLarry D. Gurrola
2009Residential and Foundation Distress Investigation, Simi Valley, CaliforniaFoundation deformation mapping and analysisLarry D. Gurrola and Earth Systems, Inc. Ventura Office
2007-2008Monte Vista Bluffs Erosion and Landslide InvestigationExpert Witness for Plaintiffs LitigationMark Papay, Oxnard, California
July 2007Fault Investigation Proposed Development, Goleta, CaliforniaFault Evaluation of an Unnamed Fault and Establish Quaternary Chronology.GMU Geotechnical, Rancho Santa Margarita, California
January 2006Fault Investigation for Proposed Development, Los Angeles, CaliforniaFault Evaluation of a strand of the Newport-Inglewood fault zoneJohn Helms, Palmdale, California
January 2006Fault Investigation for Proposed Subdivision, Camarillo, CaliforniaFault Evaluation of the Springville Fault zone.Earth Systems, Inc., Ventura Office
November 2005Sea Cliff Stability and Landslide Evaluation, Arroyo Quemada Lane, Gaviota, CaliforniaLandslide mapping, downhole logging, and sea cliff retreat investigation; and drywell testing for septic system.Michael F. Hoover, Santa Barbara, California
Nov. 2005 to 2008Rancho Monte Alegre, Carpinteria, CaliforniaGeologic hazards evaluationEarth Systems, Inc., Ventura Office
Aug.- Oct. 20057-11 at Carmen Dr., Camarillo, CaliforniaFault EvaluationEarth Systems, Inc., Ventura Office
March-April 2005Landslide Mapping and Evalution of 4-Parcels, Sulfur Mountain, Ojai, CaliforniaAerial photo mapping, geologic mapping, downhole and test pit logging.Earth Systems, Inc., Ventura Office
September 2004Fault Study for Residential RemodelDetermine activity of the Ventura fault and determine slip per seismic event.Earth Systems, Inc., Ventura Office
August 2004Camarillo High School Camarillo, CaliforniaFault evaluation for proposed stadium bleacher expansion.Earth Systems, Inc., Ventura Office
February-March 2004Tract 3634; Proposed 73-Unit Subdivision, Santa Paula, CaliforniaLandslide evaluation, geologic mapping, downhole and test-pit logging.Earth Systems, Inc., Ventura Office
October 2003Report of Waste Discharge; Chicago Grade Landfill, Atascadero, CaliforniaSoil sampling and site geologyMichael F. Hoover, Santa Barbara, California
March 2003Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital; Geologic and Geomorphic Study, Santa Barbara, CaliforniaGeomorphic evaluation of a mapped, unnamed fault underlying proposed buildingFugro West, Inc. Ventura, California
February 2003Report of Disposal Site Information, Atascadero, CaliforniaSite geologyMichael F. Hoover, Santa Barbara, California
Jan. 2002 – April 2003Storm Water Sampling and Quarterly Monitoring; Santa Maria Transfer Station and Chicago Grade Landfill, Atascadero, CaliforniaStorm water sampling, site inspection, and quarterly groundwater sampling. Data and report preparation for the semi-annual monitoring reports.Michael F. Hoover, Santa Barbara, California
April 2002Fault Activity Investigation; Chicago Grade Landfill, Atascadero, CaliforniaFault investigation to determine the location and the recency of faulting of an unnamed fault using soil-age dating.Michael F. Hoover, Santa Barbara, California
May 2000Ranchito Vista Road Replacement Water Pipeline, Santa Barbara, CaliforniaGeologic hazard mapping and landslide hazards investigationFugro West, Inc., Santa Barbara, California